JIMPEX focuses on sports marketing and media projects between Japan and Europe.
With over 20 years of experience in the market we have a unique understanding of the differences between the Japanese and European (business) culture.

We have an excellent and proven track record in developing new business ideas, successful managing the perception and progress on both sides and providing continued after sales service.

“We are looking forward to discuss the ways our company can assist you in achieving your goals in Japan or Europe.”

Company Profile


Established in 1995, Jimpex is a Dutch business consultancy firm specialised in business matters between Europe and Japan with a dedicated focus on sports marketing and information.


Jimpex strives to become the preferred business consultancy firm for European and Asian companies by serving our European and Asian clients with excellent business consultancy services in the broadest possible terms and in particular providing the European and Asian media with the best possible sports information and sports data services in order to create value for our clients.



Edward Rikkert de Koe
Edward Rikkert de Koe

management / owner


Lived and worked two years in Japan.

Leiden University (Japanese Language and Culture)

Founded JIMPEX in 1995.

Languages: Japanese, Dutch, English, German



Copyrights Licensing

TV and other media rights

We have extensive experience in the purchase and sales of TV and internet broadcasting rights, both in Japan and in the rest of the world. An extensive network in Japanese broadcasting built over 20 years allows us direct contact to the key decision makers.

Years of expertise and an extensive network allow us fast and efficient contact, usually through a personal relationship, to the rights holders, broadcasters and online media.

Notable successful projects include the sales of Dutch Eredivisie TV broadcasting rights and VOD rights to Japan. We handled all rights issues for a wide range of sports DVD titles released in Japan – including numerous football DVD’s and other DVD’s like Athens Olympics, and Rugby World Cup.

Media Event and TV Coordination support

After acquisition of TV broadcasting rights numerous issues have to be solved or organized in the period leading up to the actual event and around the event itself. We have extensive expertise in the media coördination surrounding big international (sports) events. Successful coordination of these (research) projects will ensure the successful actual transmission and broadcast of the event.

Sports Media Coördination

Location hunting, research, fixing approvals, arranging lodging, handling all logistics, ENG crew (camera and sound), securing access to, interviews. Numerous successful projects handled for WOWOW, Fuji TV, TBS, TV-Asahi, SkyPerfecTV.

We can coordinate all activities for a successful general news or sports TV program, interview or documentary. We have worked with many local ENG crews throughout Europe and know which crew will work best for the program you wish to make. Also, we can provide you with all on-site services necessary for the successful registration and broadcast of live sports events. A translated daily news update relevant to your (sports) event can be delivered.

Our proven track record for these media and TV activities include professional ENG crews, location hunting for (stand-up) news reports, finding suitable hotel accommodations, arranging all logistics including rental cars and locally known drivers, translation services, crew coordinators with expert local knowledge, assistance for your technical crews, IBC and satellite crews.

Notable successful projects include the EURO 2004 tournament in Portugal and the EURO 2008 tournament in Austria and Switzerland for WOWOW as well as EURO 2012 in Poland Ukraine and the World Championships Under 20’s in 2005 for TV Asahi.

Sports Marketing

Friendly matches and training camps

Our extensive football network in Europe and Japan exists for over 20 years and is working in close cooperation of both European and Asian match agents

With our combined networks and a detailed up-to-date knowledge of the UEFA and FIFA playing calendar, we are able to accommodate both club teams and national teams with attractive friendly matches. We are also able to arrange the stadiums and all appropriate accommodation.
We are also able for club teams and national teams to organize a European training camp. Together with our partners we can ensure suitable hotel locations, professional training pitches and attractive opponents.

We have extensive expertise in organising and coordinating the TV production of your friendly matches, including the logistics coordination around the game and satellite uplinks for TV signals.

Market entry and localisation

Successful projects include the distribution and selection of marketing partner in Japan and Korea for through our datapartner





Overview of our parnters



FC Groningen

July 2018:Jimpex is working with dutch eredivisie club FC Groningen on their...

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